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    Insurtech is booming, with claims a focus for innovation


    Levels of insurtech activity reached a record high during the second quarter of 2017 with a growing focus on claims management technology, according to a report.

    The Quarterly Insurtech Briefing by Willis Towers Watson Securities, Willis Re and CB Insights reveals that insurtech funding was close to $1b in the second quarter, compared to $398m in the same period of last year.

    Projects and partners 
    The rise is due to a growing number of insurtech deals and a global move towards research and development across all parts of the insurance chain. The report notes that well-established insurers and reinsurers are increasingly investing in technology partners.

    Targeting claims management
    The report identifies claims management as an area of growing interest, adding that one of the most disruptive scenarios of the insurtech revolution could be ‘a change in underlying function of the insurance value chain, from volatility management (paying claims) to risk mitigation (making losses smaller)’.

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    CDOs and insurtech specialists can be powerful partners for digital change


    The rising number and growing importance of chief digital officers (CDOs) is a sign of how high up digital change is on the business agenda. And as a study by PwC reveals, insurance is leading the field.

    PwC strategic consulting group Strategy& has released the findings of its 2016 chief digital officer study of the world’s largest 2,500 public companies. The study showed that 19 per cent of companies have a CDO, up from 6 per cent in 2015.

    Meanwhile 35 per cent of insurers have appointed a CDO, putting insurance ahead of all the industries examined in the study. In second place is communications, media and entertainment (28 per cent), followed by banking (27 per cent) and consumer products and retail (27 per cent).

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