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    Finding the right strategy to reduce insurance fraud


    A few app pioneers have entered the marketplace for on-demand insurance in the past few years. Whether insuring cars, gadgets, homes or travel, these startups all promise swift and fuss-free protection.

    But in the race to digitise and meet customer expectations, some of these new brands have struggled when it comes to managing risks. The challenge for digital insurers is to speed up and improve the user experience while simultaneously ensuring they’re not making things easier for fraudsters. 

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    Does legislation for penalty points need to be reformed?


    Up to 10,000 motorists are legally driving on British roads despite having excessive points on their driving licence, a BBC report has revealed.

    There is a standard limit of 12 points on a driving licence before a motorist is banned from driving, however magistrates have the power to waive a ban. Sheena Jowett, deputy chairman of the Magistrates' Association, told the BBC: ‘Automatic disqualification can be avoided or reduced in cases of exceptional hardship. The process is a robust one and the concept of hardship must be proved to an exceptional level.’

    Most of the 10,000 motorists had a maximum of 18 points on their licence, however there were 203 with more than 18 points. The most startling case was that of a man from West Yorkshire who was allowed to drive with 62 points on his licence, most of which were accumulated from speeding on a motorway.

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    Car insurance premiums to rise for drivers caught using phone


    Thanks to changes to legislation that came into effect on 1 March, anyone caught using a mobile phone at the wheel will be slapped with a £200 fine and six points on their licence.

    However it’s not so clear what this will do to a motorist’s car insurance.  The AA conducted a survey of insurance companies to see how they would treat drivers who’d been caught using their phone.  Four of the 13 insurers who took part said they would not offer cover to a mobile phone offender, and would even withdraw cover for violators.

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